Slackware Linux Essentials

Slackware Linux Essentials is a book written by members of the Slackware Team. It is an introduction to Linux in general and Slackware Linux in particular. On August 18th 2000, an online version of the wook was made available, at

However, some people complained the book was not made easily downloadable. Leaving overseas, or simply not having the financial ressources, they didn't want or weren't able to buy the hardcopy of the book, and wanted to grab that version. This is what motivated this page.

After downloading the pages and the associated graphic files, some modifications have been made:

Even if it is good to be able to download all the book with only one click, I ask you, gentle downloader, to consider, once again: "Is there really no way I can buy the book?". I don't have figures, but it is clear sales of this book help the Slackware Team to continue on their mission to provide the Best Linux distribution in the world. You are your own judge, of course, and I know it is hard to resist the temptation.

If you manage to resist it, you can amend honorably:

If not, just click on the archive of your choice. Their contents are the same, except the RAR and ZIP files have an archive comment, and this comment has been put as a README file in the TAR.* files.

I have compressed the files to the maximum each program allowed. As you can see, the ZIP is not very efficient when it comes to compress a lot of small files.